NFL Week 7 Highlights


Oct 2016

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Week 7 of the NFL season has been a stress filled holiday of emotion. From extreme highs to me just shaking my head and saying “Did that really just happen”

Watching the games on Sunday brought memories of playing in the dirt field across the way from my childhood home. Sloppy – Sloppy – Sloppy.  There were 13 games played with a staggering 39 turnovers!

The strangest finish had to be the Cardinals and Seahawks. It ended in a 6 – 6 TIE after missed field goals of 24 and 28 yards in overtime. I was laughing in disbelief as I watched it unfold.

Lets hope Week 8 will offer up some better ball handling. One good thing about week 7 is that we will see many highlights of botched play, and that is always fun to watch.


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