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Welcome to, a comprehensive site where you learn about betting on NFL and College Football games. We have been giving betting fans advice, our recommendations, and guidance since 1998. Betting on sports is hugely popular, with everything from the NFL and NCAA games to wager on. You can plan a mix of knowledge, predictions, picks and fun, and you can place bets on all the teams you love in a way that gives you the best odds of winning.

We are a top website and resource for land, Vegas and online betting of all types, and an important source of info of all angles. We have for you articles on basic strategy, lines & odds, and Sportsbooks reviews. We also have a regularly updated blog which has the latest in NFL betting news, and top sports gambling websites.

Football Betting online isn't our our sole topic here though, and we also keep an eye on the brick and mortar bookmakers in the USA in states where it is allowed. We survey the books in Las Vegas, where we regularly hit the Strip to survey the sports books and find the best Las Vegas sportsbooks.. You will also find info on how to make the most of joining a site and making a smart bet on a matchup.

Recent Football News

Super Bowl 50 Brings in High Volume Betting Super Bowl 50 Brings in High Volume Betting -

Super Bowl 50 was a huge success, not only for the Denver Broncos who managed to play an amazing game and win the title, but for those betting on it as well. The Carolina Panthers were the favorites –> Read More

Betting Predictions for Super Bowl 50 Betting Predictions for Super Bowl 50 -

For those looking for a betting edge this year, there are plenty of sources that will give you their predictions on the outcome of Super Bowl 50, as the Carolina Panthers have been favored by most to beat –> Read More

Super Bowl Betting; a Battle between Defenses Super Bowl Betting; a Battle between Defenses -

This year’s Super Bowl will be worth betting on, as the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will be facing each other for the first time at the illustrious game. We have watched all season how both of these –> Read More

Conference championship betting Conference Championships, Final Betting Before Super Bowl -

The Divisional playoffs went as expected, with the betting favorites taking the victory, although the games were all amazing, with a few errors from the refs; especially those tossing the coin. However, only two of the four teams –> Read More

Playoff betting Chiefs at Patriots Betting the Division Playoff Games -

Wild Card week gave us four winner, the Steelers, Seahawks, Chiefs, and Packers, and betting on the upcoming Divisional games will be even more competitive. Four match-ups that will determine which teams will make it to the Conference –> Read More

betting Chiefs at Texans Wild Card Weekend Betting -

The Playoffs have begun, and betting on the Wild Card Weekend will certainly have its advantages. As eight teams compete for the four spots, who will play against the four teams that were given a bye including, New –> Read More

Betting on Week 17 games Betting On The Last Regular Season Games -

With Week 17 matches coming up, it is the last chance for betting on the Regular Season games, but then we move onto the single elimination stage of the Playoffs, and finally the Super Bowl. Some teams, like –> Read More

Betting on the Power Rankings Week 16; Betting The Power Rankings -

As we move into Week 16, the Power Rankings become more and more useful when betting, as well as seeing which teams have better odds of getting into the Playoffs. With only two more weeks in the regular –> Read More

Week 11 Betting Picks By The Experts -

As we go into Week 11 of the season, we take a look at which teams the experts are saying will win; betting on the best picks possible. We will look at the top experts that have the –> Read More

League Teams With Best A-T-S Worth Betting On -

As we move on to Week 10 of the season and it is crucial for fans to know not only which teams are winning, but which are best for betting on; especially with only 7 more weeks left –> Read More

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